Star-Crossed and Other Artwork- by Page Branson

Welcome to the process of making Star Crossed and other artwork done by myself. Clicking on the thumbnails below will take you to the larger version of the pictures.

Here are examples of the process I use to make Star Crossed. Starting with pencils, inks, and then Photoshop, these are pages from start to finish. I use Pentel Blue mechanical pencil lead for the pencils, a combination of Copic SP and Micron pens for the inks, and Photoshop CS2 to finish them up.

In April 2007, the comic below won a honorable mention place in Blizzard Entertainment 's monthly World of Warcraft comic contest. It was done in the same process as Star Crossed only instead of using greys, I used color.

In the Spring of 2008, I completed a homemade Stephen Colbert Monopoly Game, Colbopoly. The game has it's own website located here:

Contact the Artist:

Page Branson

AIM: doomkitty99