Fake News Rumble- TCR Taping 3/10/09

'The Colbert Report' Taping 3/10/09
For my last trip to New York and a TCR taping, please check out my first taping report for a far more extensive look at the procedure before and during a taping.

TCR Taping: 5/15/08

After working myself half to death at work to get the time off for this trip, my best friend Abby and I made the trek from Baltimore to NYC to attend a taping of 'The Colbert Report'. This was my second time and Abby's first. Things pretty much went down exactly like they did last May. The new addition that I noticed was the spray painted graffiti across the street from the studio.

Tee freakin' Hee. While we were waiting in line, Abby went sight seeing and brought me back pics of The Daily Show studio. I'd never seen the banners up close and had no idea they said different things until now.


The show started more or less on time and the audience was in full enthuiasm mode. The questions asked to Stephen this time around were interesting, especially when a couple of girls asked if Stephen watches Doctor Who (which he doesn't because, you know, he's a little bit busy with... EVERYTHING). But we did find out that Allison Silverman does and right then she became even more of an awesomely hip lady. I didn't know it was possible, but there you go. It took everything in me to not to shout out if she thinks the newest choice for the Doctor looks like a Mr. Potato Head on a body constructed entirely out of toothpicks. Stephen also remarked that he thinks Daleks are sexy with their little plunger thingies on the front of them.

After repeatedly pressuring Abby into asking a question, she got to ask what is the geekiest thing Stephen's ever done NOT related to the show. Isn't it great that you have to be specific when asking something like that? Stephen then proceeded to talk about making it out to one of the early Gen Cons waaaaay back in the day for some good ol' role playing action. And at the end he remarked that he didn't remember geeky girls looking so cute when he was growing up, which pretty much made Abby's night.

So that's about it, the show went off nicely, the staff and crew were just as courteous and professional as ever. Everyone was feeling the high energy, even one of the camera men decided to shake his groove thing during one of the breaks.

The next day we hit Central Park for a bit of sight seeing and I decided to walk to where I roughly planned out where Cheney's ship appeared in the comic.

And I've got to say, the boys have one hell of a run ahead of them.

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