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*NEW* TDS & TCR / Avengers Crossover Comic: National Assets Part One - 12/18/12


*NEW* TDS & TCR / Avengers Crossover Comic: National Assets Part Two - 6/2/13



*NEW* TDS & TCR / Avengers Crossover Mini Comics - 7/13/12

'Lost and Found' A Colbert Report/Avengers Crossover Mini Comic - 5/26/12


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Requested Art-12/10/10

A requested piece from a scene from Chapter Nine:


Back when I was putting together ideas for this story, I'd first envisioned this comic as a game. I enlisted a handful of friends to help out, but we ran into a few roadblocks. I switched gears and chose to tell this story in comic form, but a few game files we'd created were still sitting on my computer. So here's a few gifs expert animator Chris Wilcots created for the proposed game version of Fake News Rumble. PLEASE drop him a line letting him know if you like them. You never know, he might even be persuaded to make more...

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