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6/2/13- Quick update time! Here's the SECOND PART of the TDS/TCR/Avengers comic I started last year. Enjoy!

12/18/12- Alright! I got distracted again! Here's Part One of a TCR/TDS/Marvel/Avengers crossover comic. And it's a sequel to THIS SIX PAGE COMIC I did a couple months back. And because I'm doing this other comic related thing for this other thing that I don't want to talk about yet until I've actually started on it, the second part to this comic will come out when I can. Scheduling! It's a thing! So my updates are going to be sporadic for a little while, but I'll keep posting updates as I go.

9/02/12- Heya guys, checking in with a status report. I swear I haven’t forgotten about the other two epilogue chapters I said I was going to do. They’re coming. Eventually. As a little bit of a teaser, the next one’s about wrapping up Stephanos/Yonatan’s storyline. And sometime in October I’m beginning work on a coloring job for an indie comic done by someone that if I could go back in time and tell the thirteen year old me I’d be working with this person, her face would melt. Which would lead to problems back in present day I’d imagine. More on that soon, but for now... COURAGE!

7/30/12- Whew! Well, I'm back from this year's trip to NYC and a Colbert Report taping and as promised my Taping Report is up in the Extras section. It was an amazing amount of fun and I can't stress enough everyone should try and make the trek out to see either TDS or TCR live at least once. Completely worth it every time.

7/21/12- The kind folks over at Colbert News Hub just posted an article about the comic. Also, expect a TCR taping report sometime late next week. You know, in the event I haven't exploded from joy from finally handing this thing off to them :)

7/18/12- So I created a profile over at a site called Redbubble, where I'm going to start posting some of my designs and artwork as prints, t-shirts and stickers. My goal is to add something new every month, so give it a little love please.

7/13/12- I've added the series of TDS/TCR Avengers mini comics I did a couple weeks back to the Extras section and on my new tumblr, I've added a couple of pics of how the printed version of FNR came out. Big thanks to Ka-Blam printing, everything came out great!

6/27/12- It's update time! I've added the first of three Epilogue chapters to the Comics section. This one focuses on John Oliver and guest stars a certain other familiar character. On the printing front, I've sent the proofs of the comic off to the printer and now it's all in their hands. I'm heading up to NYC to attend a Colbert Report taping on July 26th, hopefully with their copy of the comic, so look out for pictures of that coming up.
I've also received a lot of requests from people who'd like their own printed copy of the comic. Once I get my printed version and I'm happy with how it came out, I'll upload the ready for print files for anyone to use freely, as well as my recommendations on who to get it printed by. Look for that in another few weeks!

5/26/12- I've uploaded a 'The Colbert Report/'The Avengers' crossover six page mini comic to the Extras section. Basically, if you're the last person on Earth that hasn't seen 'The Avengers' or any of the other 'Marvel Cinematic Universe' movies yet, then you'd need this page to find out who the other guy in the comic is. Or, you know, go see the movie. And if you don't know the agency he's from or why that shield is so special or who this Captain America dude is, then find a local comic book store and fall into it. You'll figure it real fast. Also, here's the video from when Colbert received the shield way back in 2007. Enjoy!

The Colbert Report Mon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Sign Off - Captain America Shield
Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog Video Archive

5/14/12- Hey guys, I just added a couple pieces to the Gallery section. A couple of chibis of some of the main cast and the cover for the printed version of the comic. Which I'm still working on. Sloooooowly. Editing 500 pages takes a while. Who knew? I'll have more updates later once I get the thing printed and hopefully to the respective studios later this summer!
3/26/12- Quick updates here. A new piece of music has been added to the Extras section. A kind fan by the name of Roni composed an accompanying piece of music for Fake News Rumble. Stellar work. Give it a listen.
I've also been hard at work editing the comic for print and I'm about 1/3rd done. I'm doing a bunch of extra insert artwork for it as well that I'll post to the site over the next few weeks.
3/6/12- Heya all, 'Fake News Junkies' did a nice write up on me and the comic. Take a look, won't you?

3/1/12- Alright, today is the day! Chapter Fifteen is up in the Comics section, ready to go! I want to take a second to thank everyone who's read this thing all the way through. I never thought I would get this far and have so many people reading it. So, thank you. A lot.
I will be releasing three short epilogue stories in the next coming weeks to wrap up a couple of plots. I'm also hoping to print out two nice bound copies to give to the TCR and TDS studios if they'll have it, so fingers crossed on that. Until then, I have also started working on an outline should I choose to continue the story past this point. So drop by the FNR Facebook Page or email me and let me know if you'd like to see more! Thanks ya'll!

1/07/12- New Years Art Dump! Five new pieces have been added to the Gallery Section! I'm still working hard on the final chapter of FNR. Really wish I could tease a couple images from it, but every panels' a gigantic spoiler, so hang tight and it'll be out soon!

11/27/11- The rest of Chapter Fourteen is up in the Section finally! And the delay had nothing to do with Skyrim being released earlier this month. NOTHING. *cough*
Anyhoo, since this is the next to last chapter and it ends on... um... a tiny, itty-bitty cliffhanger, there will be NO preview of the Final Chapter before it's out. So it's going to be a couple months wait again. However, I plan to sprinkle out concept artwork pieces from time to time during the wait via Facebook and Twitter, so jump on that.

10/16/11- Woot! We're done the video game marathon! Thanks a lot for watching if you did and a super thanks to everyone who donated. We ended up raising $198 for Johns Hopkins Children's Center so pats yourselves on the back for that. Now, after staying up for 24 hours playing games... and after standing in line overnight for the new iPhone... I'm going to try and remember what it is to sleep! Night, er morning ya'll!

10/11/11- Quick pimpage: This Saturday starting at Midnight EST, I'm participating with a friend in the 'Extra Life' video game marathon for John's Hopkins Children's Center. The goal is to play video games for 24 hours straight and people donate to keep us going. We've set up a donations page below and a UStream page that will be up for the full 24 hours. During that time I will probably stop to work on the comic somewhere in the middle, so if you've ever been curious for a little behind the scenes peek on how I do things, here's your chance! So stop by, donate to a good cause and watch me fail at 'Dead Island' :)
Donations Page

10/2/11- Alright! An Eight Page Preview for Chapter Fourteen is up in the Comics section! Have I mentioned I love cliffhangers? I haven't? Well, buckle in because it's going to be another month before I have the rest of this up. This story is far from over yet :)

Extra Pimpage- I've been working hard on the graphics for 'Fake News Junkies', a site covering TCR, TDS and LNwJF and I uploaded a bunch of the art I've done for them to my DeviantArt page. So please give it a little love with your eyeballs.

8/30/11- Alright! Chapter Thirteen is up in the Comics section in full! And there's a cute picture of my favorite evil duo done by the ever talented Erin Ptah in the Extras Section. Take a look, marvel at its greatness.

I'm heading down to Dragon*Con in Atlanta in a couple of days. Nerd Mardi Gras for the win! Right after that, I'll get right to work on Chapter Fourteen! Enjoy!

8/7/11- As a surprise birthday present to me from a friend, I was treated to seeing John Oliver do stand up in Atlantic City last night. I wrote up a little recap HERE.

7/29/11- I've added my taping reports for last week's TCR and TDS to the Extras Section, so check 'em out!

7/22/11- An Eight page preview for Chapter Thirteen is up in the Comics section. I just started working on the thumbnails for the last chapter of FNR a couple nights ago. It's... weird to say the least. It's odd to finally put it on paper and out of my head. I'm going to be adding a couple of pieces to my DeviantArt site later today as well. I'm also heading up to NYC for TCR and TDS tapings next week, so I'll have new taping reports up soon after!

And don't forget to follow me on the Twitter and the Facebook to get your updates sooner!

6/24/11- I just added a ton of new artwork to my deviantART site, so give them a look. I posted the artwork I did for a new Fake News centric website called: Fake News Junkies. Give them a little love please.

This comic is not affiliated in any way with Comedy Central, Viacom or anything else having to do officially with those parties. This is a work of parody and not meant to defame or infringe upon the people, places and characters depicted. In summary, Viacom, please don't vaporize me with one of your laser enhanced satellites.

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