Star-Crossed- by Page Branson: Corin

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Star Crossed- Character Profile: Corin

Name- Corin

Age- 15

Personality Traits- Immature, wild, clumsy, absent-minded, talkative, loyal, a bit insecure

Element- Wind

Weapon/Star- Sword/Takane

Background- Corin is brother to Adras and Maia and one of Marsus' children.
He can usually be found picking fights with Adras over just about anything. Corin sees Adras as his rival and someone he wishes he could be one day, not that he'd ever let Adras know that. He just isn't sure how to do it. But when push comes to shove, Corin will always stand by his family. He's usually not sure about how ot what to do, but he'll give his all no matter what.