Colbopoly- A Stephen Colbert Board Game: Rules

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Colbopoly- A Stephen Colbert Board Game: Rules and Description

Goal of the Game:
You and your fellow players have been placed in charge of creating a Stephen Colbert museum. It’s each player’s goal is to buy up as many exhibits (the properties) as possible and charge everyone else admission to see them. The player with the most financially successful wing of the Stephen Colbert museum wins.

All the rules and prices from the original monopoly game have been left intact, which pretty much means, get ready to be as ruthless, sneaky and deceptive as you can to emerge victorious. Drive your dear Aunt Sue into bankruptcy, make your best friend cry as you land on Nazi Gold for the third time in a row (I’ve seen it!).

Friends and family be damned! It’s time to play Colbopoly!

For reference, a full list of the original Monopoly rules can be found at this address:

Name Changes:
Here is a quick conversion list for the terms we changed for Colbopoly:

Awards = Railroads
Minions = Utilities
Guantanamo Bay = Jail
No Fact Zone = Go
Nazi Gold = Free Parking
Robot Bouncer = House
Security Laser = Hotels