Colbopoly- A Stephen Colbert Board Game: Download

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Colbopoly- A Stephen Colbert Board Game: Download

This is the downlaod section. The files have been compressed into either a Zip file that should be able to open on any IBM or MAC computer. The below link will send you to MediaFire and the files should be available for download there.

And as always, please, PLEASE play this game with people that are old enough to watch The Colbert Report in the first place. I don't want any angry mail from people with children that didn't want their kids to see material that might not be suitable for them. Just use some discretion please.

To uncompress the files, here's a couple of recommended programs to use:

Win Rar
Win Zip
Stuffit Expander

Contents of the Zip file:

Board Image
Seven Templates for the Money
One Template for the Community Chest Cards
One Template for the Chance Cards
Three Front and Three Back Templates for the Property Cards
Instructions for assembly in .rtf and .txt format.

Zipped Colbopoly Image File: 70MB file