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EDIT- 1/25/09- Hey guys. Star Crossed is still on Hiatus as I've started a side project that's pretty much eating up all of time right now. However, it's giving me a chance to experiment with working in color. Which is awesome.
10/01/08- PageTwo Hundred Thirty Five is up. I'm heading on another adventure on Saturday to DC. Will tell all about it when I get back. And I'm starting to get really excited about Kevin Smith's new movie, Zack and Miri Make a Porno. The commercials look great, the trailer is hilarious, and Seth Rogen rocks. October is going to be a great month for so many, many reasons. A new Kevin Smith movie, a new Kevin Smith DVD and a new apartment. Good times, good times...
9/28/08- PageTwo Hundred Thirty Four is up. I'm deciding if I'm going to Katsucon this year or skip it to go back to the New York Comic Con. I'm probably hitting the NYCC this year, but I still can't choose. Both are fun, both are rewarding, but I really like NYC a lot.
9/24/08- PageTwo Hundred Thirty Three is up. Congrats to The Colbert Report and The Daily Show on their Emmy wins, especially TCR. About freaking time they won an Emmy. Confound you Rickles for stealing Colbert's Individual Performance Emmy!
9/21/08- PageTwo Hundred Thirty Two is up. A couple days ago I attended a screening of the upcoming special and DVD, 'A Colbert Christmas: The Greatest Gift of All' . I can't talk about it, but the one thing I can say is IT WAS GREAT. It was even better than I imagined it, and that's saying a LOT. It'll be on TV in November and out on DVD November 25th. Watch it, buy it, love it.

Other than that, holy crap we're actually getting an American release of the PS2 version of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. I honestly refuse to believe it until it's in my hands. No, wait, scratch that. They could still ship a blank disc with a 'Ha, ha, suckers. Gotcha!' note inside the box. I'll believe it when it's in my PS2 working like it hopefully should. I'll believe it then. Maybe.

9/17/08- PageTwo Hundred Thirty One is up. So... ever thought of doing something incredibly stupid at about the worst possible time and that decision could either be the best possible thing ever or be the worst idea you've ever had in your life? Yeah... the next couple of days of my life are going to be... fun :D More on that later if I survive.
9/14/08- PageTwo Hundred Thirty is up. Not too much to report. Just started going back and watching all of the American version of The Office. Hilarious stuff. Started out a little show in the first season, but man, second season's great. Starting on third hopefully tonight.
9/10/08- PageTwo Hundred Twenty Nine is up. Late update tonight as my web provider wasn't playing nicely with me last night and this morning.
9/07/08- PageTwo Hundred Twenty Eight is up. Pretty uneventful week here. Wishing it was Dragon Con 2009 already. Also, I'm now a fan of Mindless Self Indulgence after seeing their concert at Dragon Con.
9/03/08- PageTwo Hundred Twenty Seven is up. Oh holy crap, Dragon Con was amazing. So much happened, so many really cool things. I was in MST3K heaven finally at a convention and it felt GOOD. But now I am dead tired, still kinda hungover and still wondering just how I managed to screw up giving blood at the Dragon Con Blood Drive. Whoever gets my blood, know that it was a freakin' battle to get it out of my system, so enjoy it!
8/30/08- PageTwo Hundred Twenty Six is up early as I don't know how long this internet connection is going to last. Dragon Con is freakin' amazing so far! I got to meet Joel, Trace and Frank from MST3K not two hours ago from my typing this and I really can't believe it. I gave them a piece of artwork and they really liked it a lot. And that just blows my mind. By a LOT. And this is only the first night! Holy crap!

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